Message in a bottle floats from Prince Edward Island to Texas


A message in a bottle tossed into the ocean off Canada’s Prince Edward Island in 2018 was found washed up 2 1/2 years later on a beach in Texas.

Dianne Jurek, of Fresno, Texas, said she was walking on Matagorda Beach on May 7 when she spotted a bottle in the sand.

Jurek said she could see there was something inside the bottle. She was on her way to visit family members, so she brought the bottle with her and opened it once she arrived.

“It had moisture inside of it so we had to be careful pulling it out,” Jurek told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “I just thought how interesting, when we looked it up, how far it had traveled to our beach.”

The bottle contained a message from Lucas MacDonald, who included his contact information in the note.

MacDonald, 16, said he tossed the bottle into the water while tuna fishing off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada. He said he had forgotten about the bottle by the time he received a text message and photos from Jurek.

“Instantly, I was like this is a scam, like there is no way, then I read over it again,” he said.

MacDonald said he was shocked to learn about the bottle’s long journey.

“First it found its way out of like the Maritime region, that ocean, then it went all the way around the Atlantic,” he said. “It was amazing how it went underneath Florida as well, and then went in and got stuck in Texas.”

Jurek said she is now considering launching her own message in a bottle.